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 Legitimately Mallie is a funny and engaging teen/family episodic podcast about Mallie, the "Know-It-All" teenager who doesn't quite "Know-It-All." Mallie, the classic girl next door,  and her two best friends, Ernie and Sophie, hilariously take on real life issues with the finesse of a bull in a China cabinet. There is something for everyone in each episode; an entertaining dilemma and a meaningful lesson. Follow our show for loads of laughter, fun and a little bit of teenage and family friendly DRAMA! 


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Legitimately Mallie Podcast Series! Meet The Leads...


Mallian AKA Mallie was born in her parents' car enroute to the hospital and her life has been pure adventure ever since that day. Her unusual level of confidence, her innate leader persona, her hilariously sarcastic personality and loads of “can do” energy became predominant at age 3 when she decided to take her dog for a walk ALONE. She was returned home to her napping dad- in short order- by nearby neighbors. Among her group of friends she is the obvious Alpha female and comes across as a mother figure while also being the cool, spunky one. She is very clever, popular and she’s also proud to have MENSA level intelligence. She is innocent, kind-hearted, good natured and well meaning. She never intends for any of her actions to come across as mean spirited or malicious; she’d die at the thought of it.  However, her nose for adventure,  excitement and problem solving typically causes her to make decisions that land her in ”hot water” with her parents and authority figures.  She’s the typical girl next door and loves shaking things up a bit. She is definitely a “Ms. Know It All” with no clue as to how much she doesn’t know. She's also an only child and is beloved by her adoring parents-  Timothy James and Elaine. Both her parents are Doctors and have set rigorous, seemingly impossible- in Mallie's mind- standards for her but they are also to credit for her strong will and personality. She is a gifted Singer, Writer and Actress and she ascribes to establish a professional career in the Entertainment Industry. She is 13 years of age and is a student at the Immaculate Works School of Performing Arts.

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Season One Premiere Date 10/22/2020

Episode One:

Monster House!

Mallie, Sophie and Ernie decide to play a game of ding-dong ditch on the wrong neighbor. Turns out, the joke is on them.

Episode Two:

Halloween Showdown!

It's the annual costume party and Mallie is determined to maintain her winning streak. Will she?

Episode Three:

Oh Malllie!

Mallie is all set to see her favorite band in concert, but a bad grade threatens to rob her of the opportunity. Things always work in her favor.. or do they?

Episode Four:

 Surprise Party Fiasco!

A dilemma ensues that threatens to ruin a very special party. Will Mallie and her friends save the day or will they only make matters worse and end up needing to be bailed out themselves?

Episode Five:

Social Shenanigans!

Mallie and Sophie have decided to start an exclusive social club at school; Dazzlin' Divas.  However, to their dismay, their number one enemy insists on joining the club. Will Ernie save the day and convince the girls to do the right thing or will they find themselves saddled with the infamous " Mean Girl" title?

Episode Six:


It's Thanksgiving Eve and tragedy has hit the Adams family requiring an urgent overnight trip for Mallie's parents and Grandma. Wanting to demonstrate more maturity, Mallie convinces her parents to allow her to stay home to finish prepping Thanksgiving dinner. What's the worst that could happen?

Episode Seven:

Oh No She Didn't!

A new character, Tiffany Johnson, is introduced. She’s the granddaughter of Henry Johnson and the new neighborhood/school nightmare. She instantly becomes Mallie’s and her friends’ # 1 enemy. The kids are faced with managing, what appears to be, an impossible bully. Mallie learns the meaning behind, “what you see isn’t always what you get.” Grandma Lorraine, Henry Johnson and Mr. Chetti teach the kids a thing or two..

Episode Eight:

May I Have This Dance

 The Winter Dance is fast approaching and Mallie is dateless. Primarily because she’s waiting for her crush, Gorgeous Gary, to ask her to be his date. When the invitation doesn’t come, Mallie decides to take matters into her own hands. With the help of her friends, Mallie sets out to let Gary know that she’s waiting on him. But Mallie discovers that she’s not the only person who has an interest in Gorgeous Gary. Much to her chagrin, the other person happens to be her new arch rival, Tiffany Johnson

Episode Nine:

That's What Friends Are For!

 Mallie is on the hook to host a church car wash benefit with Tiffany and there's no getting out of it. She enlists her besties- Ernie and Sophie- along with half her class to join her in raising money for the good cause.  As fate would have it, an accident at the car wash leads to Grandma Lorraine's car being badly scratched. Mallie puts a foolproof plan in motion to fix the problem and mitigate any potential consequences for her friend, but the only problem is- she didn't anticipate the one thing happening that could ruin her plan. Well, it did. Tune in to find out how Mallie and her friends navigate through this fiasco. That's what friends are for, right?

Episode Ten:

It's The Thought That Counts!

 Mallie and her friends learn a valuable lesson about gift giving when Mr. Chetti organizes a Gift Swap to celebrate the Christmas Holiday. Mallie and Tiffany are charged with purchasing each other an inexpensive gift and writing down the reason why the gift was chosen. When the gift Mallie is given doesn't equal the cost (or practicality)of the gift she is given, she's disappointed... until she learns the meaning behind Tiffany's gift. When the dust settles, all of the kids come to understand the true meaning behind gift giving. It's the thought that counts.

Episode Eleven:

Auld Lang- Xiety!

In this episode, Mallie is faced with her worst nightmare and risks it all to get to the bottom of the issue. Her friends join her for the “ride” of their lives while Cupid is busy ensuring an over abundance of “love” is in the air. Timothy James and Elaine surprise Mallie with a “faint worthy” gift and she gets a taste of her own medicine.


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